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Carved Design Rings

Carved Design Rings

Beautiful rings come in a wide range of designs. The choices here at Juno Jewelry range from rings that dazzle with glittering diamonds and gemstones to rings that make a strong statement in highly polished, unadorned 18 k white gold. Ultimately, beauty can come in all kinds of forms and designs, which is what makes choosing the right style of ring such a singular experience. That’s especially true when choosing a ring that symbolizes love and commitment, and our carved wedding rings are an example of a ring design that is truly singular in its beauty and artistry.

Carved wedding rings are a beautiful choice for a commitment ring. These delicately designed pieces have an appeal that’s truly classical, with a look that’s timelessly elegant. Let’s take a look at some of the choices available from Juno Jewelry in carved wedding rings.

Arrow Design Milgrain Wedding Ring

The Arrow Design Milgrain Wedding Ring is a stunning piece of jewelry. Its classical detailing in solid polished metal makes it a choice that’s uniquely appealing. The ring features carved detailing in a Milgrain design with an arrow shape. The details are contained within a classical banding design on the top and bottom of the ring, which is offered in beautiful 14k or18k white, yellow, or rose gold or in gleaming Platinum 950. The effect is incredibly eye-catching and conveys a feeling of strength. This is a truly beautiful choice in a wedding ring.

Bezel Set Diamond Arrow Design Semi Eternity Ring (1/5 ct.)

The Eternity Ring or Semi Eternity Ring (which features a row of gems on just one side of the ring, rather than a full circle of stones) is an always-popular choice for a wedding or commitment ring. The beauty of the semi eternity design is undeniable, and the ring’s meaning as a symbol of long-lasting commitment makes it a perfect choice for couples pledging true love and devotion.

Juno Jewelry has a wonderful selection of carved wedding rings that includes the breathtaking Bezel Set Diamond Arrow Design Semi Eternity Ring. This ring features 12 1/5 ct. round cut diamonds set along the bottom side of the ring. The ring’s edge features an intricately carved arrow design, within a braided row design along the top and bottom edge of the ring. The austere beauty of this ring, set off by the unusual detail of the glittering diamonds set along the ring’s bottom, makes this a ring of true depth and unique beauty.

This ring is crafted in highly polished 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold or Platinum 950 and is made for long wearing, with a comfortable fit. This ring is the perfect choice for a couple in search of a symbol of eternal love and commitment.

When it’s time to seek out the perfect choice in a ring symbolizing the idea of real love, Juno Jewelry offers a wealth of amazing choices in carved wedding rings. True love doesn’t come along every day, so when it arrives, why not choose a ring that seals that commitment with true artistry and the level of fine craftsmanship only Juno Jewelry has to offer?

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