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Multi Tone Wedding Rings

Multi-tone Wedding Rings

When we think of a wedding ring, we usually think of a shining gold band, beautiful in its sheer simplicity. Yet there are incredible variations on the idea of the wedding ring, running the gamut from rings that feature delicately carved designs to rings that feature gleaming gemstones in intricate settings. There are also custom wedding bands that are designed in multi-tone metals. These rings offer a whole other kind of impact that’s beautiful and incredibly unique

At Juno Jewelry, we know that every wedding, and every expression of love comes from a uniquely special place. That’s why we offer our custom wedding bands for couples who are searching for a piece of jewelry that speaks especially to their own tastes and their own feelings about their wedding commitment. Our rings are expertly crafted with the finest attention to details, and created with the highest quality metals and precious gems. Take a look at the range of styles we offer here in custom wedding bands, we know you’ll agree these rings offer the kind of quality and craftsmanship that’s truly rare.

The Multi-Tone Appeal

Multi tone rings offer an exciting alternative to single tone wedding rings. In a sense these beautifully designed rings offer the best of everything, giving a fresh sense of design along with the beauty of multiple tones. Here at Juno Jewelry, we offer a wide range of lovely styles in multi-tone wedding rings and custom wedding bands. Let’s have a look at a few of the styles we have to offer.

The Three Tone Wedding Ring

Our Three Tone Wedding Ring is a stunning example of the interplay of color in different metal tones. This ring uses ridges of 14k white, yellow and rose gold to stunning effect. The outer edges of the ring are in yellow gold, and two smooth bands of white gold play against a center ring of glowing rose gold. The gold bands are set against intricately carved braided ridges, which set off the design to beautiful effect. This highly polished ring is the perfect way to say “I love you.”

The Two Tone Braided Wedding Ring in 8mm

The Two Tone Braided Wedding Ring is another variation on the multi tone effect, and this highly polished ring in 14k and 18k yellow and white gold or rose and white gold shows off the glow of these color tones beautifully. The ring’s design features outer rings of yellow or rose gold, set against delicate braiding in white gold. The center band is in opulent white gold. The classical styling of this ring has a truly timeless beauty. This ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, attesting to its incredible craftsmanship and detail.

The Two Tone Braided Wedding Ring in 9.5mm is another beautifully detailed ring in 14 or 18k white and yellow or rose gold. This design features a larger braiding detail in white gold, which plays against the satin, highly polished ring edges in yellow or rose gold. This ring has an arresting look that’s as elegant as it is bold.

Our custom wedding bands in multi tone designs have a classic feel that’s truly timeless. Take a look at the many designs available here at Juno Jewelry; there’s something here to make that wedding day shine.

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