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Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

For some men and women who appreciate the look and feel of truly fine, beautifully crafted jewelry, there’s a need to find pieces that go beyond the ordinary. Here at Juno Jewelry, we pride ourselves in offering beautifully designed and crafted customjewelry that goes far beyond the ordinary, into the realm of timeless artistry.

Our selection of customjewelry includes a range of styles, utilizing different types of stones and materials, so there’s something here to suit even the most discriminating customer. We also offer customjewelry in a wide range of prices, to suit every kind of budget. What all the pieces in our custom line have in common, however, is the attention paid to quality materials and the very finest design and craftsmanship. We’re sure you’ll agree the customjewelry offered by Juno Jewelry is among the most exquisite you’ll see anywhere. Let’s have a look at some of the ring designs we have to offer.

Eternity Rings

Our line of customrings includes several choices in eternity rings. The Eternity Ring is an exquisite style that perfectly conveys the symbolism of eternally lasting love. What better choice, then, for a wedding or commitment ring?

Our 18k Yellow Gold Bezel set Diamond semi Eternity Wedding Band Ring is an incredible choice for a wedding ring. This ring has a classic style that sparkles with a row of glittering bezel set diamonds, in a “semi eternity” (with stones displayed on the front half of the ring) design. As a symbol of ever-lasting commitment, this ring is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

We also offer full Eternity Rings in our customjewelry selection, and one of the finest you’ll ever see is our Channel Set Princess Diamond Eternity Ring, designed by J. Mallard. This is an utterly exquisite ring that gleams with 22 diamonds, with a total carat weight of 3.86. These princess cut diamonds are displayed in an opulent channel setting in 18k white gold, which shows their incredible fire and luster to incredible effect. This is an utterly beautiful ring that truly has the feel of eternity.

Gemstone Rings

Beautiful jewelry comes in many different forms. For some, there is nothing so gorgeous as the dazzle of a ring crafted in the white on white beauty of 18k white gold and white diamonds, as in the Channel Set Princess Diamond Eternity Ring. For others, it’s the color and vibrance of gemstones, like our customjewelry set with rubies, amethysts or emeralds, that’s the most stunning. Whatever the personal preference, you can bet there’s something here in our customjewelry line at Juno Jewelry to suit even the most discriminating taste.

Our Bezel Set Diamond and Ruby Ring features three dazzling stones in a truly gorgeous setting. This ring is sure to dazzle, with its combination of white and red stones in a gleaming 14k white gold setting. Perfect as a fashionable dress up ring for major events, or simply worn as an elegant piece that adds luster to casual wear, this ring is sure to be treasured by the woman who wears it.

When it’s time to choose jewelry that combines elegance with unique design and expert craftsmanship, take a look at the incredible selection of customjewelry here at Juno’s Jewelry.

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