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Contemporary Wedding Rings

Contemporary Wedding Rings

Even as rapidly as things evolve in our fast-paced modern society, there are some things that never change. A beautifully crafted wedding ring, given as a symbol of long-lasting love and commitment, is certainly one of those truly unchanging things. Our contemporary wedding rings are carefully crafted in a range of sleek, modern styles designed to captivate and offer beauty that lasts, just like true love.

Contemporary Styling, Understated Elegance

Here, at Juno Jewelry, we offer a wedding ring selection that ranges from finely detailed traditional pieces in glowing gold or shining platinum, to shimmering diamond rings that bring a sense of timeless beauty to the wedding tradition. Our contemporary wedding rings offer a different kind of beauty that makes a truly stunning statement and evokes a feeling of lasting commitment and understated elegance. Underlining the design philosophy in our contemporary wedding ring line is a feeling of elegance that is real and lasting, just as true love is made to last.

From delicate designs in satin finish 14k white gold with inset diamonds, to bolder styles in chunky 14k brushed white gold with a single inset round diamond, we offer a selection of beautifully designed rings sure to please modern couples who want to honor their commitment with a ring that’s utterly modern yet timelessly beautiful. Let’s take a look at the many styles available at Juno Jewelry in contemporary wedding rings.

Minimal and Modern Styling

Our contemporary wedding rings offer a style that’s deceptively simple yet utterly lovely; they’re elegantly austere. The clean, minimal lines and the glow of the brushed 14k gold or 14k white gold give these rings an impact that’s undeniable. Simple, yet simply elegant, these wedding rings have a modern style that sets just the right tone for today’s fashionable modern couples.

Style Choices

Our line of contemporary wedding rings includes a choice of styles that all work within a modern design philosophy that offers maximum impact with minimal, ultra chic styling. Take a look at the variations of several beautiful modern themes in this selection. Our Line Finish Wedding Rings feature a highly polished finish in a choice of gorgeous 14k or 18k white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. Simple yet simply stunning, these rings feature a raised edge on the sides in the same highly polished metal, for an effect that is classical in its feel. Modern love? Yes, this is it.

For couples that like a touch of detail to go with their minimalism, the Braided Wedding Ring in 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold is a variation on this utterly classical theme. These rings shine with a high polish, and catch the eye—and the heart—with the simplicity of the inset metal braiding detail along the ring’s edges. Yes, this is beauty that is meant to last.

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