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Stackable Rings

Stackable Rings

There are many different ways to wear a ring; it all depends on the kind of ring and the look and style of the person wearing it. Some rings have a huge presence on a woman’s hand. A ring with a large gemstone or a pave’ style ring, with a glittering carpet of gems, may need to be worn alone, without any other jewelry to distract from its opulence. There are other approaches to wearing beautiful jewelry, however, like stackable rings that work together to create an utterly elegant impression, even as more rings are added to the gllittering stack.

Creating a Stack, With a Choice of Stackable Rings

Choosing a beautiful ring is always a pleasurable experience, especially with the incredible choices available at Juno Jewelry. Our exquisitely crafted rings are made with precision and attention to the smallest detail, using only the finest metals and gems. The joy of choosing stackable rings from our amazing selection of rings is in deciding which designs go together best. Given the range of beautiful rings we have on offer, you’re sure to find plenty of gorgeous choices to mix and match to make up that stunning ring stack. Let’s take a look at some of the stackable rings we have in our selection.

Channel Set Eternity Rings

A great ring stack is made up of a series of beautiful rings with colors, styles and gems that comment and play off eachother to charming effect. One style that’s a sure bet to bring extra style and flair to a dazzling stack of ring is the Channel Set Eternity Ring or Half Eternity Ring. These rings have an incredible presence, both elegant and bold. Some women like to wear a beautiful eternity ring—which symbolizes eternal love—as a companion to their wedding and engagement rings. What a beautiful way to show the depth of a relationship, and to create a gorgeous ring stack.

Our Channel Set Eternity rings include the understated glamour of the channel set design in beautiful 14k white gold, set with an endless row of glittering white diamonds. Our Channel Set Eternity Wedding Ring is stunningly beautiful, and will stack beautifully with an anniversary or engagement ring or both. A variation on this beautiful design is the Channel Set Cords Edge Eternity Wedding Ring, in 14k gold and set with white diamonds, with a corded detail on the bottom of the ring. Both designs are utterly timeless in their beauty.

A Dash of Color

Juno Jewelry also offers semi or half eternity rings (which only display gems across the front portion of the ring) in boldly colorful designs featuring diamonds and blue sapphires, or in blazing red rubies, or in a setting with diamonds and rubies playing off eachother.

The Diamond and Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Ring is another stunning choice. This ring, in 14k Gold, has a geometric shape, and its four edges are each set with a different color of sapphire – pink, blue and yellow. Each row contains 10 colored sapphires, to total 30. The other edge features a row of 10 white diamonds. Stunning, and very stackable.

When opulence, color and utterly gorgeous glitter is the goal, take a look at the stackable rings on offer at Juno Jewelry. It’s all here and ready for stacking.

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