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Diamond Fashion Rings

Diamond Fashion Rings

What woman doesn’t want an extra spring in her step and a little extra sparkle on her hand? Let’s face it, there’s almost no day that isn’t lifted up by a little extra glitter, and when that sparkle is coming from gorgeously designed and impeccably set diamond fashion rings, the truth is, there’s really nothing quite as beautiful.

Here at Juno Jewelry, we think diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. They’re a man’s best friend, too; especially a man with a taste for style and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Sparkling and iridescent, breathtaking in their ability to reflect light and shimmer, with a look of intense fire, diamond rings, and especially the diamond fashion rings offered here at Juno Jewelry, are breathtaking pieces of light that are timeless in their appeal. Let’s take a look at the selection of diamonds rings for sale; we’re sure you’ll find something utterly irresistible for the man or woman who keeps a diamond as a true best friend.

Eternity Rings

The Channel and Pave Set Diamond Half Eternity Ring is a piece that offers nonstop sparkle combined with the kind of fine craftsmanship Juno Jewelry is known for. This highly polished14k white gold ring features a sumptuous display of 22 glittering round cut diamonds, set in a pave “path” along the ring’s top and angled side. Glittering with a white fire that is perfectly matched by the glow of the 14k white gold, this is a stunning ring that combines opulence with a real sense of understatement. This ring is perfect for an engagement or anniversary ring, or simply as a way to say “I love you—for eternity.” It’s simple and simply beautiful.

The Impact of Color

Rings in polished 14k white gold set with brilliant white diamonds have an undeniable impact. Yet there’s also truly something to be said for a ring that offers a bold statement in color. Our diamond fashion rings in diamonds and rubies or blue sapphires have an incredibly powerful impact. The Diamond and Ruby Semi Eternity Ring, in highly polished 14k white gold, is a delicate band with a raised line edge, inset with a continuous row of ten round diamonds and 20 glittering red rubies, all interspersed to heighten their color and fire. With diamond rings for sale of this quality, there’s no question diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The Diamond and Blue Sapphire Semi Eternity Ring is another surefire knockout. Styled in icy, highly polished 14k or 18k white gold and inset with a continuous row of 10 diamonds and 20 blue sapphires, this beautiful ring combines an austere beauty with color that simply dazzles. This is a perfect ring for a special gift or a way to pledge truly eternal love.

When it’s time to step up your style and heighten that personal sense of dazzle with the glitter and glow of real diamonds, there’s no better choice than the selection of diamond fashion rings at Juno’s Jewelry. Take a look at the incredibly crafted diamond rings for sale here now, you’ll be so glad you did.

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