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18k Gold Jewelry and Other Fine Metals: Which is Right for Your Ring?

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18k Gold Jewelry and Other Fine Metals: Which is Right for Your Ring?

800px-Emerald_ring_photo_by_Somma.jpg Are you ready to get engaged? If so, congratulations! Finding someone to share life with is a beautiful thing, but it also comes with many important decisions from where to have the wedding to where to buy a home together. Some choices are harder than others, and when it comes to choosing the metal for the engagement ring, our handy guide will help make the decision easier.


Personal Style and Metal Choices

These days, there are more metal choices than ever before. People often focus on the ring’s gemstones, but choosing the right metal is just as important. Different metals work best with different gemstone settings, skin tones, and personal styles so it’s good to have some idea of the desired look before beginning researching. If willing to discussing the engagement ahead of time, simply ask what ring style and metal type she would prefer for her ring. If the engagement is a surprise, then it’s necessary to be a little crafty.

  • -- Check out the jewelry she already owns. Ask which pieces are her favorite and consider choosing the same type of metal for the engagement ring.
  • -- Choose a ring that features a creative blend of two contrasting metals for a look that will match any outfit.
  • -- Take a “casual” stroll through a jewelry store while out shopping together. If she “oohs” and “ahhs” at any specific piece, that is a starting point to work from.

Functionality and Strength

The metal chosen for the engagement ring is about a lot more than just a beautiful appearance. It’s also about functionality. Wedding rings need to last a lifetime and will be worn in a variety of situations. Therefore, choosing a ring that is resistant to damage is essential. Some types of metal are stronger than others.

Some of the strongest metal choices for a ring are 646px-Nhan_cuoi.JPG

  • -- Titanium
  • -- Platinum
  • -- Tungsten

Although these metals are strong, they come with some disadvantages as well. For example, tungsten rings are quite heavy and can be difficult to remove if they get stuck on the finger due to weight gain or swelling of the hands. Titanium rings have many of the same issues, and they often don’t shine or look as luxurious as silver or 18k gold jewelry. Platinum is more expensive and scratches more easily than some other metals. All of these metals can be difficult — or impossible — and costly to resize.

A Ring Within Your Budget

Despite wanting the best of the best for the engagement ring, most people have to take their budget into consideration. Silver is one of the most affordable metals along with palladium, tungsten, and titanium. 18k gold jewelry is in the middle of the cost range, and platinum rings are the most costly.

18k Gold Jewelry: The Traditional Choice

If all the choices feel overwhelming, consider going the traditional route. Throughout history, gold has been considered a treasure by many different cultures. Gold has been used as a statement of status and personal style and as an investment. Some cultures even believed that gold had the power to heal the human body, and they used it as a medicine for arthritis and stomach problems.


18k gold jewelry is made by blending in other metal alloys with pure gold. 18k gold jewelry is made with 75 percent pure gold giving it a nice mix of affordability, strength, and luxury. It comes in different colors including:

  • -- Yellow gold
  • -- Rose gold
  • -- White gold
  • -- Green gold

Yellow is the color that most people associate with the word “gold.” White gold has a more modern look, and it’s a cheaper alternative to platinum. Rose gold is a beautiful and romantic choice with pinkish hues reminiscent of love. Then, there is the rare, and exotic, green gold, which has a subtle, lime-green shine. When in doubt, consider a mix of two or more varieties.

Do you want more information about 18k gold jewelry and other fine metal choices for your engagement ring? If so, contact the experts at Juno Jewelry today. We have over 30 years of experience with wedding and engagement jewelry, and we can’t wait to assist you as you take this remarkable step in your journey.

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