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Wedding Ring Engraving: Ideas and Important Tips About the Decision

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Wedding Ring Engraving: Ideas and Important Tips About the Decision


Ever since medieval times, wedding ring engraving has been a common practice. Having engraved wedding rings, tells the world “My love is sacred,” “Sentiment means something to me,” and “I like to be reminded of the beauty of my love.”

The Positives of Engraving Your Wedding Rings

Engraving a ring is a romantic choice, but there are other reasons to do it. Having a unique message engraved could help identify your ring if it were ever stolen. Engravings also make for great conversation starters at social events, especially if you choose to put the engraving on the outside of the ring, resulting in many questions from curious acquaintances.


The Different Options

1.Positive Thinking

Making the commitment to stick together for life requires a lot of faith, trust, and positive thinking. During the difficult times in a marriage, it can help to look down at the engraving and remember the promises made.

Some ideas for positive engravings:

  • -- “We’re going to make it!”
  • -- “This love is eternal.”
  • -- “I won’t give up on us.”
  • -- “Forever.”


2.Religious Engravings

If faith is important to you, faith inspired engravings will be a powerful choice for your wedding rings. Choosing a religious wedding ring engraving shows the world that faith is the guiding force in life, and that faith will carry your marriage through all future challenges.

Some ideas for religious engravings:

  • -- “My answered prayer.”
  • -- “Every day, I thank God for you.”
  • -- “Proverbs 5:19: Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.”
  • -- “God unite us in love.”

3.Funny, Silly, or Sarcastic Engravings

Unable to stay serious for longer than five minutes? If so, a humorous wedding ring engraving might be the perfect option. Silly engravings incite smiles whenever they are seen, and it will be fun to remember shared inside jokes throughout the years.

Some ideas for funny or sarcastic engravings include:

  • -- “Help! I’m trapped!”
  • -- A ridiculously cute nickname.
  • -- “Hey, you! Put it back on!” (most suitable for the inside of the band.)
  • -- An inside joke.


4.Sentimental Engravings

There are many beautiful memories and special moments throughout a relationship and engagement. From the place of the first meeting or first date to the date of the proposal, there are many options for sentimental and personalized engravings.

Some ideas include:

  • -- “Your long blonde hair” (Each of your rings can be engraved with the features you most like about each other.)
  • -- The date and time of the first kiss or other important event.
  • -- The name of a beloved movie.
  • -- The spouse’s name on each ring.


Metal Choices for Engraving

Technology and skills of engraving are always advancing and, these days, it’s possible to do things that haven’t been done before. While it’s still true that some metals are easier and more affordable to have engraved than others, there are also new options to consider. Affordable and sturdy metals like tungsten and titanium are now able to be engraved. Gold is often considered the best metal for engraving because of its softness, and silver and platinum can also be engraved.

Something Highly Personal or Something More General?

Most wedding ring engraving choices fit into two categories: something that could apply to another couple and something that is unique. If the idea of passing rings down to grandchildren is appealing, a more general engraving may be preferable.

Juno Jewelry has over 30 years of experience with fine jewelry and wedding ring engraving. If you have any questions or are interested in the process of having your ring engraved, please contact us today. We are excited to assist you as you take this beautiful step in your relationship. We look forward to hearing from you!

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