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Womens Wedding Rings and Roses: How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Proposal

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Women's Wedding Rings and Roses: How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Proposal


Getting married is about more than just picking out men and womens wedding rings and walking down the aisle. It involves a lot of planning, some unavoidable stress, and — of course — the perfect proposal at the beginning of it all. Asking the woman you love the big question can be intimidating and, if you want to make it a complete surprise, you will have to get the information you need without making her suspicious.

Make Sure She Actually Wants to Get Married

This should go without saying, but stopping to check whether you’re making the right decision to become engaged is a good thing. Being loved by a partner isn’t always a basis for popping the question. What if she doesn’t believe in marriage or wants to wait until she is older? Make sure you’ve had a conversation with her to figure out these things in advance. You don’t want to realize you’ve made a mistake while you’re down on one knee.

Figure Out Her Ring Size

If your girlfriend has already been hinting to you about the ring size she wears, congratulations! Not only are you almost certainly going to get a “yes,” but you’ve also found a partner that likes to make things easy for you. For those who haven’t received hints about her ring size, finding out the ring size could be tricky.


1.Borrowing One of Her Rings

If she already wears rings, estimating her ring size will be easier. Simply note which piece she wears on her left ring finger, wait until she is out of the room, and then measure it. Place the ring on a piece of paper then trace the inner circle with a pencil to get a rough estimate, or you can purchase a ring measuring tool online.

2.The Shopping Method

If your girl doesn’t wear jewelry regularly, you can try taking her into a costume jewelry shop and letting her pick out an affordable gift for herself. You don’t necessarily have to be looking at womens wedding rings to find out her size. As you’re browsing, act drawn to a certain ring and encourage her to try it on. If she likes it, you can buy it for her and measure it later. If she doesn’t like it, grab it afterwards and eyeball its size.


3.Enlisting Help

If going shopping together would make her suspicious and she doesn’t wear rings, guessing her size or asking a friend, or family member, if they know her size will also work. Even if her friends or family don’t know her size, one of them might be able to find out without looking suspicious. Friends and family are usually excited to help with a proposal, but watch out for those who can’t keep their mouths shut.

Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring


Not only will her jewelry pieces provide information about her ring size, but they will also give some hints about the types of jewelry she likes. Looking at her Pinterest page to see if she has pinned any womens wedding rings or asking her best friends what she might like, will also help. Always purchase your engagement ring from a quality dealer of women's wedding rings to avoid getting the most value for your hard-earned cash.

Decide on an Appropriate Level of Extravagance

Everyone gets a little teary eyed while watching romantic, over-the-top wedding proposal videos online, but that doesn’t mean that a proposal has to be a wild, public affair to be special. Private proposals can be just as romantic as public ones, and the intimacy of the moment is part of what makes them so special.


That said, public proposals can be a joyous thing for the right couple. The location and extravagance of your proposal is entirely up to you. Only you know what she would appreciate most. Tip: It’s hard to go wrong with the classic roses and candles!

Take the Leap

Once you have it all planned out, the only thing left to do is pop the big question! After you receive a “yes,” your fiancée will probably be excited to start picking out women's wedding rings and planning the occasion!

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