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Celtic Wedding Rings and Other Unique Styles

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Whether you’re seeking a ring that will represent a part of your heritage or you simply want a distinctive ring, choosing Celtic wedding rings is a sure way to end up with something truly unique. Every type of Celtic ring represents something different and allows you to choose a ring that you feel most closely represents your personal love story.

The Claddagh Wedding Ring

Claddagh rings are a type of Celtic wedding rings that are both beautiful and easy to wear. They generally feature a wide metal band carved with intricate symbols, and they are sometimes given as friendship rings as well as engagement jewelry. Claddagh rings bring an air of romance due to their origins. When Irishman Richard Joyce was captured by pirates during a 17th century voyage at sea, he remained in captivity for the following eight years, and in that time, he learned many skills from his goldsmith slave master. When he was eventually set free, he ventured back to Ireland and presented his lost love with a Claddagh ring he had made while enslaved.

The Celtic Knot Wedding Ring

Many Celtic wedding rings feature the Celtic knot design, a traditional symbol. The Celtic knot is said to represent endless love due to the infinitely repeating pattern that goes around the band of the ring. The symbolism extends even deeper due to the way the Celtic knots wrap around each other, representing two lives coming together as one. Celtic knot designs are also often mixed with other symbols, such as suns, moons or wildlife. If you’re a deeply romantic person with a strong connection to the world around you, a Celtic knot design might be perfect for you.

The Gaelic Text Wedding Ring

Another unique option is to use text on your ring instead of symbols. Many Celtic rings display a Gaelic word or combination of words, such as Gra Go Deo, which means “Love Forever.” There is something very special and beautiful about wedding rings that display meaningful words, and if nothing else, you will be saving money by avoiding a ring that includes an expensive diamond setting. Your ring will also always be an interesting conversation starter at parties and events, and every time you explain what the words mean, you will be reminded of how lucky you are in love.

Metal Options for Your Wedding Rings

As with other types of rings, you will have the option of choosing the precious metal that your Celtic wedding rings are composed of. Sterling silver, gold, white gold and platinum are the most common choices, although sometimes one or more of these metals may be mixed with another substance to form an alloy. Of the precious metals, platinum is the most heavy and durable, but it’s also the most expensive. Each of the metals has positives and negatives, and to make the right choice, you must think about your personal preferences and what you want out of your ring.

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