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DIY Wedding Décor | Emerald Cut Diamonds Rings

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flower1.jpgSome brides like to hire a wedding planner to ensure that everything will be handled for them, and others shun the idea of having anything less than full creative control over their wedding. If you’re the type that likes to design your own emerald cut diamond rings and go with a custom wedding gown, you more than likely would be interested in DIY wedding décor ideas as well.

  1. 1. Personalized Pillows

    You want your guests to be comfortable, and making your own monogrammed pillows for the seating area is a cute and affordable way to personalize things. Choose fabrics in colors that match the theme of the rest of your wedding, and then use ribbons, rope or colorful fabric to create a monogram with both you and your partner’s initials. This idea affords you tons of creativity, as you can make the pillows as simple or detailed as you like, and it won’t break the bank since you can opt for affordable materials.

  2. 2. Decorations That Match Your Rings

    One neat idea is to create centerpieces that match your ring. For example, if you and your partner decide on emerald cut diamond rings, you can craft your own centerpieces using shiny plastic, glass or any other material in an emerald-cut shape. Another possibility is to purchase a big bag of fauxemerald cut diamond rings and place them on the flower stems in your centerpieces.

  3. 3. Floating-Candle Centerpieces

    This DIY idea has been trendy for a while due to its elegance and how easy it is to pull off. First, purchase a few large packs of tea-light candles and some large glass containers, both of which you should be able to easily find at any dollar or discount store. Next, place some colorful or sparkly paper beneath the containers and fill them with water. Add a few items to the water to create an accent, such as rose petals or whole flowers. Lastly, light each of your candles and leave them floating on top. Not only do these centerpieces look beautiful, but they create a lovely light for your guests to enjoy.

  4. 4. A History of Your Love

    This is perhaps one of the sweetest and most affordable DIY ideas. Your guests have arrived at your wedding to celebrate your love, and what better way to do that than a photo-based history lesson about your relationship?

    Look through old photographs and pick out all of your favorite memories that you and your partner have shared. Then, blow up those photographs, place them in vintage frames and print out a small caption to place on bottom, explaining where the two of you were and how you were feeling when that particular picture was taken. Place these pictures and descriptions in chronological order and hang them in the area your guests will walk through while arriving at your wedding.

  5. 5. Choose Items Straight From Nature

    This idea won't work for every wedding theme, but if you plan to have a rustic or outdoor wedding, working old tree branches or driftwood into your decorations is a great way to save money and add to the natural feel. However, it’s important to remember that old wood can break easily, so be careful about hanging lanterns or other possibly dangerous items from wooden branches. Always secure the item to something more stable, even if it appears that the branch is holding it up.

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