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Emerald Diamond Rings: 5 Reasons to Choose this Stunning Gemstone

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Emerald Diamond Rings: Inexpensive Perfection


Do you long for a flashy engagement ring but feel bored at the idea of diamonds? An emerald ring might be the perfect alternative.

The Different Types of Emeralds: Natural vs. Synthetic

There are two types of emeralds: synthetic and natural. Due to advances in technology, it’s getting more and more difficult to tell the two apart. The chemical makeup of natural and synthetic emeralds is the same, but each has its advantages.

Natural emeralds are:

  • - Completely unique.
  • - Rare and luxurious.
  • - Filled with cracks and imperfections that make them interesting to behold.

Synthetic emeralds are:

  • - More affordable than the natural variety.
  • - Clear and perfect in appearance.


Emerald Diamond Rings: A Lot to Offer

Whether you decide on natural or synthetic emeralds, you’ll find that they have a lot to offer.

1. Enticing Beauty

The main reason for investing in emerald diamond rings is, of course, their stunning look. Their deep and intoxicating shades of green conjure up images of exotic jungles and jade-eyed lovers, and wearing them makes you feel pampered and luxurious. Emeralds look wonderful with a gold, silver or platinum band, and when combined with the sparkle of diamonds, your ring will surely be noticed.

2. Distinctiveness

If you’ve always marched to your own drummer, you might benefit from choosing an alternate gemstone for your engagement ring. Sapphires and rubies make great choices, but a really bold choice is an emerald. You don’t see emerald diamond rings every day. Wearing one shows a deep commitment to individuality, and shows your courage and self-expression.

3. Powerful Mysticism

There is something different about women who wear emerald diamond rings. Since ancient times, emeralds have been said to possess magical abilities. Some legends indicate that emeralds were believed to have supernatural powers, giving the wearer psychic abilities and protecting him or her from dark magic and other malevolent energies. They are also said to shift colors when the wearer is in danger or being deceitful about something.

4. An Affordable Choice

Emerald diamond rings have a wide range of prices, which makes them an affordable choice regardless of income level. Choosing a commercial emerald is your best bet if you’re looking to save the most money. You can find synthetic emeralds for prices as low as $50.


5. Rich and Beautiful History

Researchers know that emeralds were traded in ancient Babylon. They were also mined and traded in Egypt and Pakistan, and it was in this time period that they earned much of their lore. These ancient cultures carved mantras into their emeralds and used them as talismans. As time went on, emeralds became associated with luxury and eloquence, and it was believed that wearing them would bring a person victory in war or legal troubles. In ancient Greece, emeralds were deemed a symbol of eternal love, and it’s been said that when Hermes wrote the most powerful words in history, they were carved into an emerald tablet.

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