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Engraved Wedding Bands: 5 Questions Before Choosing Your Phrase

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Top 5 Phrases or Words that Should not be on Engraved Wedding Bands


Engraved wedding bands are a great idea for those who have a deep respect for the symbolism of the wedding ring. Words are very powerful, and when you adorn your rings with a phrase that means something to you and your partner, you will always be reminded of the meaning of your commitment.

1. Does the Phrase Represent Your Relationship?

There are many famous phrases or quotes that would work for engraved wedding bands, but not all of them would work for your relationship. Don’t feel pressured to choose a cliché quote just because it sounds romantic. Instead, think of a phrase or word that represents a happy memory the two of you share. It could be a funny inside joke, an important date, or the name of the place where you first met. It could also be a word that represents your unique perspective on love. The latter option is a great choice for those who seek something personalized but still desire to pass the rings down to young family members one day.

2. Will the Phrase Still Apply in 50 Years?

You can’t possibly know the future, and all any young couple can do is hope for the best when it comes to the longevity of their happiness. However, when choosing your engraved wedding bands, it helps to try to envision yourself as an elderly couple. Will you still find your phrase of choice funny, romantic and relevant? Choosing to look at things from this perspective will not only help you choose a phrase with lasting meaning, but it will also inspire feelings of optimism about your relationship.

3. Will the Phrase fit on the Ring?


A wedding band has only a small amount of space, so it’s important to think carefully about what you want to say. Song lyrics only work for engraved wedding bands if the part of the song that means something to you is very short. The more you want to say, the smaller the writing will need to be in order to fit on the space of the ring. Small writing is difficult to read. For this reason, a short phrase or even a single word is often better for engraving.

4. Will the Phrase go on the Inside or the Outside of Your Ring?

Engraving the inner part of the band has always been common, but these days, many couples are choosing to engrave the outer part of the ring. This is a fun choice because it allows you to show your engraving to others without having to remove your ring, but it doesn’t work with every variety of wedding band. If you’re interested in engraved wedding bands, be sure to look into which styles have room for your text.


5. Will the Phrase be Appropriate to Show to Others?

Engraving a dirty inside joke onto your wedding bands might seem like a good idea if you’re the lighthearted type, but it’s important to keep in mind that values tend to change over time. There’s a good chance you will become more conservative when you’re older, and if you have children or grandchildren, you might want to be able to show them your rings. It’s fine to choose a funny or sexy phrase, but try to keep it within reason.

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