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Eternity Wedding Bands: 10 Celebrities Who Love this Beautiful Look

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Eternity Wedding Bands: 10 Celebrities Who Love this Beautiful Look


Eternity wedding bands are both simple and beautiful. They feature a metal band with dozens of small diamonds or other gemstones placed in a circle around the ring. With eternity wedding bands, the gemstones continue around the full circle making an eternal loop. With a semi-eternity ring, the gemstones only go partially around the circle. Eternity bands can be made from a variety of beautiful metals, and many different gems can be used.

Diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, rubies, and emeralds all look amazing on eternity rings, and we’re pleased to offer them here at Juno Jewelry.

The Symbolism Behind Eternity Wedding Rings

It isn’t hard to understand why eternity is a romantic concept. When taking vows, the choice is made to be with the other person for the rest of their life and, depending on the couple’s beliefs, you may even feel that you are choosing to unite the souls for all eternity. If this sounds appealing and romantic, this may be the type of ring to choose. Wearing an eternity ring symbolizes a love that lasts forever. It also represents the ongoing cycle of life.


10 Celebrities Who Love Eternity Wedding Rings

Considering the beauty and symbolism of eternity rings, it isn’t surprising that they they are a top choice for many celebrities. Eternity rings can range from quite affordable to extremely expensive and luxurious, and many celebs have the latter variety.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth chose a white gold eternity ring with 20 radiant cut diamonds for her 2007 wedding to Arun Nayar.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are clearly soulmates, and her sparkling eternity wedding band is a wonderful symbol of their love.


Nicole Kidman

Nicole has maintained a strong relationship with her husband, country singer Keith Urban, since 2006. She is probably pretty proud of her eternity ring, which has a beautiful channel setting.

Elizabeth Taylor

Richard Burton famously gave his two-time bride eternity rings for both their 1964 and 1975 marriages. The first ring was an eternity band with a channel setting, and the second had single cut diamonds and a unique octagonal shape.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica received a beautiful round cut eternity ring from then-husband Nick Lachey.

Salma Hayek

Salma married Francois Henri Pinault in 2009, and like her successful marriage, her sparkling round cut eternity ring is something to be envied.

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana and husband Bill have survived fertility troubles and a battle with cancer. If anyone can get behind the symbolism of a beautiful emerald cut eternity ring, it’s Giuliana.

Megan Fox


Megan married husband Brian Austin Green in 2010, and now, the couple have two children together. She wears a beautiful vintage-style eternity ring.

Sadly, for some of these couples, their love did not last an eternity. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for you and your partner. A successful marriage is about more than just a beautiful ring. It takes hard work, compromise, and commitment. Of course, having a beautiful ring to honor that commitment never hurt anyone!

If you’re ready to begin shopping for eternity wedding bands and other fine jewelry, contact Juno Jewelry today. We have over 30 years of experience with wedding jewelry and we are excited to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for shopping with us!

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