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Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands - Should You Wear One?

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If you’re soon to be engaged, you have many exciting decisions ahead of you, from where to have the wedding to what sort of cake you want at the reception. Most of these decisions won’t affect your life in the distant future, but for the rest of your days, you will look down and see your chosen wedding ring on your finger. The media tends to portray women as wedding-obsessed and lusting after diamonds, but many men care very deeply about the quality and appearance of their own rings as well.

Choosing Your Metal: Platinum vs. Gold

When it comes to deciding on the perfect wedding band, you must start by picking your precious metal. Plain gold bands have always been a popular choice for men, but platinum is also very desired. Mens platinum wedding bands are perhaps the highest-quality rings available on the market due to the metal’s durability and lustrous shine. While platinum is more expensive than gold, it is also more resistant to wear and doesn’t require as much maintenance to keep its attractive look. Another reason to favor platinum is that it is hypoallergenic, making it the obvious choice for those who react to the nickel or other metals that are often found in white gold alloys.

Determining the Purity of Mens Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is a very pure metal, but it is sometimes combined with other metals of a similar chemical structure, such as palladium. When platinum and palladium are combined, the ring ends up with a brighter, shinier finish, but it is also considered less pure. Platinum is sometimes mixed with titanium or other metals as well, but pure mens platinum wedding bands are the most highly sought after. For a platinum ring to be labeled pure, it must be composed of at least 950 to 1,000 parts per thousand of pure platinum metal. You will pay more for pure platinum, but you will also have a ring created from one of the most precious metals on the planet.

Mens Platinum Wedding Bands: Long-Term Care

Despite the fact that platinum is one of the strongest metals, it can still scratch quite easily. These scratches will not be enough to degrade the quality of the band, but they can affect the ring’s appearance. Therefore, it’s best to remove your wedding band any time you plan on doing physical labor. Be aware that no matter what you do, platinum will change in appearance over time. If you ever want to have your platinum ring cleaned and polished back to its original sheen, be sure to choose a fine jewelry professional who has been trained to work specifically with platinum.

Choosing platinum for your wedding band shows that you are a man who cares about quality and wants a ring that will last as long as his enduring love. If you’re ready to begin looking at mens platinum wedding bands, contact Juno Jewelry today. With over 30 years of experience working with fine jewelry, we can guide you through the process of picking out the perfect platinum ring for you.

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