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Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands | Men’s Style

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Gold and platinum have always been common choices for wedding bands, but what about titanium? Since the turn of the century, this ultra-strong metal, most commonly known for its use in the aerospace and medical industries, has worked its way into the jewelry market. If you’re currently deciding on the metal you want for your wedding band, you might want to consider some of the positives of titanium.

Titanium: The Hardest Natural Metal on Earth

Titanium, a natural element, is known to be three times as strong as steel. Like platinum, which is also known for strength and durability, it is resistant to wear and tear, but it is much lighter in weight, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t want a cumbersome ring on their finger. Unlike many other precious metals, titanium doesn’t react to water, sweat, sunlight or anything else that it is exposed to in everyday wear.

The Benefits of Mens Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is wonderful for use in wedding bands. It is 100-percent hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those who are known to react to the metals found in white-gold alloys. Mens titanium wedding bands are also great because titanium can be purchased in almost any color you could dream of. If you’re the creative type and you don’t want to end up with a wedding ring that looks exactly like every other plain gold band on the planet, going with a uniquely colored titanium band is sure to please.

Mens Titanium Wedding Bands: The Coloring Process

Titanium can be colored through a process of oxidization. When the metal is exposed to oxygen in a special heating process, a structural change occurs. This change creates an oxide on the surface of the titanium, which catches the light and reflects a color. Different colors can be created by leaving the ring in the heat for different amounts of time, but because the color changes can happen quickly, colored titanium rings often display a slight blend of two different colors, such as blue and purple. For this reason, every colored titanium ring is completely unique, adding to the appeal of this option.

The Importance of Choosing the Perfect Size

There is one drawback to mens titanium wedding bands: They cannot be downsized if you choose a size too large for your finger. Titanium is such a strong metal that soldering will not work, and although the rings can sometimes be stretched to a slightly larger size, they can never be downsized. Always be sure to have your finger measured by a jeweler before purchasing your titanium ring, and when in doubt, go with a snug fit instead of a ring that is too large.

Ending a Common Myth About Titanium

You may have heard a rumor that titanium rings are dangerous due to the fact that the metal is too strong to cut through. Horror stories can be found on the Internet that claim fingers had to be amputated to remove stuck-on titanium rings, and these stories have been proven false. Don’t fall for the scare tactics; titanium rings can absolutely be removed using professional equipment in case of an emergency, and no harm will come to your finger in the process. It is often thought that these rumors were originally spread by jewelry dealers who were attempting to steer people away from titanium in favor of a more expensive metal.

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