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Pre-Owned Watches: Five Serious Risks to Watch Out For When Shopping

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Pre-Owned Watches: The Risks You Need to Watch Out For When Shopping


Choosing pre-owned watches and other refurbished products can save a lot of money. However, the process is more complicated than one might think, and it’s important to do research to save hard-earned cash and end up with a good product. A quality used watch will last for many years if taken care of.

1. You Might Choose a Watch With an Unpleasant Past

It’s a good idea to avoid buying pre-owned watches with a history of serious damage even if the damage has since been repaired. For example, watches that have been submerged underwater for an extended period of time will have a much greater chance of experiencing mechanical failure. If the seller of the watch can’t, or doesn’t seem to want to, give much information about its history, be cautious. Many salespeople are only looking out for themselves and will feel no guilt about sending a customer home with a watch that will break within the month.

2. You Could Unknowingly Purchase Stolen Property

Buying a watch from a person or establishment that hasn’t earned a good reputation, puts the customer at risk. Buying a stolen watch could result in a major loss on the customer’s end. If the victim or the authorities are able to figure out what happened, they will insist the watch be returned and all the money spent will be lost. This is true even if you buy a watch with a falsified identity, also known as a cloned watch.

3. There are Pre-Owned Watches That Have Never Been Serviced

Most nice watches need to be serviced every three years on average. Purchasing pre-owned watches from an untrustworthy source, makes it difficult to get a straight answer about whether or not it has been serviced. If the watch hasn’t been serviced properly over the years, a mechanical failure could be extremely expensive to repair. A quality watch dealer will be able to give the history of the watch and expert advice on taking care of it.


4. The Watch Could be Counterfeit

There are tons of scams out there, and if the customer is not careful, it is possible to end up buying a cheap product with a fancy label — and losing that hard-earned cash. It isn’t hard for a shady salesman to clean up a cheap watch and slap a designer label on it. In fact, counterfeit methods have developed over time, and con-artists are now making fake watches that look real enough to fool all but the most well trained eyes.

It’s been said that half of the people who think they own designer watches actually own a counterfeit.This embarrassment can be avoided by purchasing from a company that cares about its customers and takes pride in providing a high quality service to the community.


5. The Watch Could Have Been Repaired Incorrectly

Some pre-owned watches have been serviced by people who didn’t know what they were doing, which is almost as bad as not being serviced at all. When pre-owned watches are repaired using cheap or unauthorized parts, they can degrade much faster, ending up damaged or destroyed without warning. Unfortunately, this often happens because the owner of the watch wanted to save money on repairs and chose a service center of lower quality.

Despite the risks, used watches are still a good investment. As long as a trustworthy company is chosen, you will end up with a watch you love. Juno Jewelry offers certificates of authenticity, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Please contact us today for more information about pre-owned watches. We look forward to hearing from you!

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