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Prevent Wedding Ring Disasters | Platinum Wedding Bands

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prevent-wedding-ring.jpgWe've all heard the stories of rings that were dropped on the way to the altar or forgotten before the ceremony, but blogger Sandy Malone reminds us that the dangers to jewelry do not end after you say, "I do."  Wedding planner Malone is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post's Weddings page, and in a recent post she recounted stories of everyday dangers to platinum wedding bands and other jewelry. For wedding and engagement rings, Malone recommends insurance, regular cleaning and ring holders.

Buy Insurance for Your Rings

We insure our houses, our cars and our lives, but we often overlook buying insurance for wedding rings. A rider on your homeowner's or renter's policy will not only cover theft, but loss or damage, and many policies protect you while you are on vacation as well. Juno Jewelry provides a certificate of authenticity with every stone they sell; if your rings do not come with one, you should have your jewelry appraised before buying insurance.

Have Rings Cleaned Regularly

Even platinum wedding bands, which can take a lot of abuse, benefit from a good cleaning at least once a year. Rings with stones should be inspected by a reputable jeweler to make sure that the setting is secure and that stones have not been damaged during everyday wear. Stories abound about people who took pieces in for cleaning and discovered later that the stones they got back were fake. If you don't have a trusted family artisan, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) suggests seeking out someone who was professionally trained and asking to see the person's credentials. GIA is one of the organizations that run training programs for professional jewelers. They also recommend choosing someone based on reputation. Many jewelry companies have been in business for a long time, and word gets around if people are unhappy with their service.

Invest in Ring Holders

Malone's final suggestion is to invest in ring holders and place them around the house in strategic places. It is a good idea to take your platinum wedding bands and other rings off before going to sleep because raised settings can snag on sheets or even injure you or your spouse as you sleep, so place a ring holder next to the bed. The bathroom is another good spot for a ring holder because cosmetics, hair spray, bath oil and other products can damage high-quality jewelry. The kitchen is another place for a ring holder, because dish washing detergents can loosen settings, and rings covered in pastry crust are just plain unattractive. Malone cautions against setting rings on shelves or counters. Taking the drain apart to remove your platinum wedding bands is almost a cliché, and the damage that a garbage disposal can do to jewelry is unimaginable.  Ring holders also keep Fido from snacking on your valuables. Stranger things have happened.

Custom Designs

Juno Jewelry offers many styles of engagement and wedding rings, including platinum wedding bands, on our web site. All of our jewelry is custom-made of the highest quality materials available. Log on to www.JunoJewelry.com to see our latest creations.

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