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The Ultimate Discount Diamond Rings - Tattoo Rings

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While tattoos and “tradition” don’t normally go hand-in-hand, that may be about to change as far as wedding rings go. It seems the emersion of tattooed rings has given a whole new meaning to the term “discount diamond rings”. As it turns out, more couples are embracing an entirely new concept of “tradition” -- one that shuns the wedding ring in lieu of a more permanent, albeit less costly alternative. The tattoo as a wedding ring may seem like a good idea to the unconventional couple wanting to flaunt an aversion to materialism, but is this new trend one that will remain forever? Or is it a mere fad in the grand scheme of couples attempting to set themselves apart from the rest? Whether you love the trend or hate it, it’s safe to say the tattooed ring is gaining popularity, as there are a number of unique couples wanting a new, exciting and permanent way to showcase their undying love.


A Commitment in Ink

Whether you choose an initial, an anniversary date, a symbol or the outline of a real ring, there are plenty of tattoos to choose from to solidify your love. Although this tattooed wedding ring trend is undoubtedly romantic, it can’t be denied that this little gesture of love can be quite painful. If you and your loved aren’t looking for discount diamonds rings that are quite so painful, not to worry, Juno Jewelry has you covered. We have a wide variety of stunning diamond engagement and wedding rings to choose from. On a budget? Not to worry. Simply choose from our large selection of affordable yet high-quality and unique wedding jewelry.

While conservative couples will no doubt shun this new way of expressing eternal love, there are many couples who see the advantages of this new phenomenon far outweighing the old. Though there is a wide variety of discount diamond rings available, these rings can still cost a small fortune, a cost that’s unappealing to today’s hip, artistic crowd with more modest disposable incomes. Not only are wedding tattoos an inexpensive bond, but the risk of losing a priceless piece of jewelry is completely off the table.

As with any form of individual expression, there are those who scoff at the deterioration of the traditional symbol of a marital bond. Although discount diamond rings are usually the go-to solution for couples in a financial bind, tattoos still offer a breath of fresh air for those wanting a bit of spice.

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