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Unique Wedding Bands for Women: Textures, Tones & Designs

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Impress Her with One of These Unique Wedding Bands


If you’re ready to ask the woman in your life to marry you, it should be obvious that picking out a ring she will love is the first and perhaps most important step. You listened when she talked about her tastes in jewelry, you paid attention to the hints, and you know she wants something romantic, beautiful, and unique. It’s time to go shopping!

Unique Wedding Bands for Women: What are the Choices?

The more detailed your ring, the more options you will have to make it unique. These days, advancements in ring crafting have given us many choices.

1. Choose Colored Gemstones

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opal and amethyst all make unique wedding bands for women. If you choose one of these beautiful gems as your center stone, your ring might be more affordable. All colored gems make interesting accent stones as well. Consider a ring with colored gemstones on the band for a truly unique look.


2. Look at Antique Rings

Antique or vintage rings have a lot of fine details that make them a great choice for romantic and unique wedding bands for women. Many antique rings are truly one of a kind, and the differences between styles will blow your mind. Whether you choose rose gold with tons of fine engravings or a bold combination of gold, diamonds and sapphires, the romantic woman in your life will be deeply moved by a vintage ring.

3. Mix Metals and Textures

Two-toned rings are modern, flashy and striking to behold. Mix gold and silver, titanium and tungsten, or platinum and rose gold. You can also consider mixing two textures, which opens up a world of possibilities. Engraving, carving and beveling all look interesting on engagement rings. You can also mix milgrain and smooth metals.


4. Personalize it

Imagine how moved your lady will be when she sees that the beautiful ring you have chosen has been engraved with something meaningful. “True love forever” and other romantic expressions are common choices, but your personalization doesn’t necessarily have to be a phrase. It’s possible to get images, symbols or even a loved one’s fingerprint engraved onto the inner or outer part of your wedding band. If you and your partner have a child together, consider getting the baby’s fingerprint placed on both of your rings.

5. Choose a Different Cut

Unique wedding bands for women often feature a diamond with a unique cut. Most engagement rings are round or princess cut, so choosing a marquise or pear shape will leave you with an interesting and different look. You can also consider a heart-shaped diamond for a ring that truly represents your love.

6. Go Completely Custom

The number-one way to ensure you end up with a unique ring is to have one customized. If you have an idea of what your special lady might want, you can design the ring of her dreams. Depending on your relationship, you might want to consider designing the ring and going through the process together.

At Juno Jewelry, we have over 30 years of experience working with fine jewelry and helping people find their perfect engagement ring. Whether you’re seeking unique wedding bands for women or something more traditional, our experts are excited to guide you through this beautiful milestone in your life. We look forward to hearing from you!

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