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Wedding Rings Cheap: Six Ways to Save Money and Still Have Your Dream Wedding

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Wedding Rings Cheap: Six Ways to Save Money and Still Have Your Dream Wedding

Wedding_Lineup.jpg Whether on a tight budget or just wanting to use more of the funds on an extravagant honeymoon, many people are looking to save money on their wedding. At the same time, no one wants to compromise the romantic dream they’ve been hoping for their entire life. What options does that leave?

Getting wedding rings cheap can be a big factor. The rings are usually what a large chunk of money is spent on, but some couples tend to go overboard in other areas as well. If some non-essential elements of the wedding are trimmed down and kept simple, then it is surprising how affordable a wedding can be.


1. Get Wedding Rings Cheap

Wedding rings are, perhaps, one of the most important parts of a wedding — aside from the bride and groom, of course. Therefore, if wanting to get the wedding rings cheap, it’s important to do research to ensure no one receives an inferior product. Only attempt to get wedding rings cheap at a trustworthy establishment that has positive ratings with the Better Business Bureau. A reputable company will also offer a certificate of authenticity with every piece sold. The certificate should include details about the ring including the cut, carat, color, and clarity of the diamonds.

2. Limit the Guest List

It’s natural to want to invite everyone to the big day. Who wouldn’t want to show off their awesome new spouse and happy, successful life? As much fun as bringing in all old acquaintances would probably be, it’s best to keep the guest list short. Every name on the list adds to the cost of food, drinks, decorations, wedding favors, and seating. Keeping the guest list small will also open up a number of affordable venues that couldn’t accommodate a huge wedding.


When wondering how to pick and choose whom to invite, it’s helpful to remember that, for many people, it’s customary to not invite anyone not spoken to in the past year. The group can also be limited to immediate family and close friends. Whether or not to invite work colleagues is, also, often in question, and it’s often easier to simply choose not to invite anyone from work rather than pick out favorite co-workers and, possibly, leave someone with hurt feelings.

3. Go With Paperless Invitations

Unless there is a strong, sentimental need for paper invitations to keep in a scrapbook, a lot of money can be saved by simply emailing your invitations. A number of websites offer online invitation services, and many of them won’t cost anything. Guests can respond via email to RSVP saving everyone time, money, and environmental waste.

4. Be Smart About the Food and Drink Served

Having a dry wedding will save a lot of money and avoid the potential for drunken drama between relatives at the same time. If the decision is made to serve alcohol, beer and wine are, generally, cheaper options than a full open bar.

Food_Sundanese_Restaurant,_Jakarta.jpgWhen it comes to the food, discuss the budget with the caterer, and he or she will be able to offer advice on which choices will be best. If the wedding is small enough, a caterer may not even be needed and family or friends can take care of the food preparing a barbeque for the reception or making a variety of pasta salads and other dishes for a buffet in advance.

5. Make Your Own Decorations

Creative types might enjoy making their own decorations or favors for the wedding. On social media sites, such as Pinterest, there is a wide variety of DIY, wedding ideas. However, be aware that DIY doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. Crafting products and materials can be expensive, so be sure to factor in this and the time required for the project when deciding whether or not to do it yourself. If you do choose to take this route, inviting your loved ones over for a crafting party will help you get the job done faster.


6. Shop Smart for the Dress

Internet marketplaces, thrift shops and even yard sales offer the opportunity to find the perfect dress. As always, be careful when buying a used item from a stranger online. Keep in mind that if the dress needs to be cleaned or altered to fit, it is possible to end up spending additional money.

Sample sales are another good place to find a reasonably priced dress. Since sample dresses have been tried on many times, they might need minor cleaning and repairs. Lastly, don’t forget the option of wearing a family member’s wedding dress.

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